Purefix: The Revo Juliet
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The Revo Juliet takes glow game to the next level by using rim-mounted LEDs as a headlight, taillight, and giving you side-visibility to boot. And, because our sealed-bearing hub 30mm pro wheels are standard on the Revo Juliet, you’ll spin smoothly and speedily as you Tron your way towards whatever adventures your city throws your way.

Purefix: The Revo Juliet

$739.99 Regular Price
$599.99Sale Price
Pure Fix: Size
REVO JULIET The ultimate team up has arrived! We worked with Revolights to create the brightest, baddest bike on the block. The Revo Juliet combines our original Juliet with Revolights' awesome front and rear wheel lighting system. These lights make you visible from all angles and provide one of the brightest riding experiences available. So swoop one while they last and light the night! Matte Black frame with Black-Magic deep dish wheels.

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