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Downtown Los Angeles
 Willy's Bikes 

Our Story:

- Willy's Bikes -Established since 1995 -

   On any given day, a steady stream of people come parading in with a myriad of needs: a Fixie in need of a new flamboyantly colored tire, a BMX stunt bike in need of new brake pads, a road bike in need of a tune up, a skateboard in need of speedier wheels and ball bearings, or a mover in need of a U-Haul truck. 


   Who meets all these needs and then some? Guillermo “Willy” Gonzalez, the proud owner of Willy’s Bikes in Lake View Terrace, CA. This small, independent, neighborhood business has been an established member of the community for almost 25+ years. In addition to selling and repairing bikes, Willy sells skateboards and offers U-HAUL rentals and moving services. Willy has been an Authorized U-Haul dealer for more than 27+ years. 


   Willy’s interest in bicycles was cultivated early in life by his father who owned a bike shop in Mexico. Willy’s working in his father’s shop later enabled him to get a job working in a bike store here in the U.S. While working in that store, Willy became renowned as the best bicycle mechanic in the San Fernando Valley. During his time there, he decided he would like to own his own shop. So, Willy sold his car and started riding his bike to work. Over a five year period, the money he saved not owning or driving a car and just being thrifty facilitated his being able to afford starting his own business. 

   In addition to being a consummate bicycle mechanic, Willy has been lauded for providing great customer service and having a shop well stocked with merchandise, parts and accessories. If he doesn’t have it, he can order it. Furthermore, Willy's Bikes has a growing online presence with a website, Facebook page, twitter account, and a E-Bay store. Look him up sometime. You might find something you need or like. 


   Moreover, if you bring your bike or board by the shop and need a quick fix and can do it yourself, Willy will even lend you the tools. 


   Willy has made his business a family affair by employing his daughter, Stephanie, and son, Fabian. They help make and keep the business successful. This wonderful family owned and operated shop is an asset to the neighborhood. If Willy is not busy, which is rarely, he is always willing to chat about local news, current events, and/or any interesting topic. Willy and his kids create a welcoming and easy going vibe in the shop. 


   Everything about the store is accommodating and practical. Patrons are confident they will be given a fair deal, be able to afford the prices (Willy will work with you!), have an excellent selection of quality products, and receive friendly, personal and professional service. Consequently, Willy's keen business acumen and affable personal rapport leads him into many mutually beneficial partnerships with other entrepreneurs and civic organizations. 

   Willy's Bikes typifies the kind of "Mom & Pop Shop" that helps to build and stabilize neighborhoods. With the every increasing proliferation of "Big Box Stores", it is reassuring to have this small business in the community. It is imperative that we appreciate and support essential homegrown and hometown proprietors like Willy. 


​-Vanessa May


 Willy's Bikes is the first bicycle shop in Lake View Terrace  to cater specifically to the Bicycle community. Our knowledgeable staff can help with anything you need and get you riding smooth as quickly as possible.


 In addition to customizing bikes collaboratively with the customer, we also sell some pretty nice ones "off the rack" and/or semi-customized. Come by and check out what we have in stock that's right for you.


 No slope is too steep, no ridge is too narrow. We're here to take on the world. We don't need pavement to explore -- all we need is a bike and a destination. You can assure Willy's Bikes can take you there... 


 Willy's Bikes is a small Bicycle Repair Shop and Bike Maintenance Store. We can do any bicycle repair you can think of. 

 We shop hard so you don't have to. We pick the finest of the finest in every category we carry. We find the most solid designs, the coolest graphics packages, and the best possible value for your dollar. Each dollar you worked hard for will be spent intelligently. You will leave our store with confidence that you have made the perfect choice. 


“We promise to completely and properly repair and maintain your bike with the utmost care and professionalism, so that you always have a great riding experience.”



With our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, Willy's Bikes remains a fixture in the area for over 27+ years.

Bikes on a Bridge
Parts & Accessories

​Featuring thousands of items in stock or available for order from your favorite companies such as Shimano, Campagnolo, Sram, Brooks, Continental, Crankbrothers, Fi'zik:k, Osmo, Selle Royal Hollywood Racks and many more...

Bike Gears
Cycling Apparel

​Everything from casual wear to professional kit, including Shorts, bibs, helmets, jerseys, gloves, eyewear, footwear and caps for men and women.


With over 44+ years of experience our technicians can repair or restore any bike to factory specs. Special services such as carbon fiber repair, restoration, custom bicycle building and custom wheel building is available. We provide quick turnaround, flat tires and many minor repairs can be done while you wait.

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